Mozart 40- Virtual Performance

Castro Valley Virtual Orchestra Performance

Posted on and keeps getting updated… (last time on May 19th)
Here are some examples of what we are looking to produce:  YouTube Links
Download and open the reference recording in your audio program.
Please tune to 440. Here’s a 440 tone
Listen to the reference recording and practice your part!
  • Tempo has been reduced to about 100 bpm throughout. Listen carefully!
  • Important Note: The reference recording includes 8 tempo clicks (4 measures–8 beats @ 100bpm) and then 2 measures of piano before the strings come in (pickup) at the end of the second measure. The sheet music shows the violins coming in with the pickup in the FIRST measure (leading into the 2nd measure)–you’ll need 1 measure (2 beats) to the beginning of the movement.
  • Cellos and violas come in the second measure of the piano track (piano plays 2 beats, and then you come in), and the violins have the pickup into the 3rd measure of the piano track.
  • At rehearsal #27 (at the end of the movement) the reference recording drops a measure.  You should remove one measure at rehearsal mark 27 (7 bars before the end)
Instructions: Recording your video
You will need two devices: one for playing the click/piano/reference track, and one to shoot your “performance” video.  If you have a smartphone, your camera should have the capability of shooting the video. Listen with headphones while recording your part! Your recording should not include the reference/piano track.

Don’t be hypercritical of your performance.  When we get everyone’s video synced it will even the sound out.

Video record at home – smartphone video will work.
If you wish to record audio separately, you may!  We still need the video of your playing!
Please submit your video recording before Tuesday, May 26th Performance notes:
Bowed parts for violins are posted which you can upload.
All 1/8th notes should be short.
Rhythm is more important than dynamics.  Focus primarily on rhythm, pitch, and articulation.
Please take your time to deliver a good quality performance. Video notes: Try to be well lit, but doesn’t need to be super bright. Natural lighting is best (play outside!)
Don’t play with a window behind you (during the day!) .  Very bright outdoor light obscures the subject (you!).
Perform to the camera! Face the camera (or slightly to the side as if you were playing on stage)  and place your music stand to the side, not in front of the camera!.
A cool backdrop is great, but not necessary, and dress comfortably.
It’s ok to have multiple submissions for each part.
I will double certain parts and edit accordingly.
I’m planning to include every submission in the final product! Uploading your Video
Upload your video to Youtube, and send an email to with the link.
You may also upload to Google Drive or Dropbox or any other shared cloud service.

Please remember to SHARE the file–On YouTube, set the file to “unlisted”! On Google, share the file with anyone with the link.  On Dropbox, share the file with

Send the URL to
Your video recording will be used in making a montage of everyone performing together, yet independently!
Please also send a video of you introducing yourself and where you are recording from, something interesting about yourself (optional), and a couple of seconds or so of tuning.
Please submit your video recording before Tuesday, May 26th

Everyone: Please have fun with this project – take your time and do your best!


Reference Recording (MP3-Click/Piano).
Here’s a tuning note (440 tone) Sheet music parts:
French Horn in F
French Horn in Bb Violin 1        Violin 1-bowed
Violin 2        Violin 2-bowed