Guidelines: Tuition Assistance

CVOA: CVOrchestra Association Tuition Assistance Program

The Castro Valley Orchestra is a class of the Castro Valley Career and Adult Education School.  Tuition to the school helps pay for rehearsal and theater/concert space, insurance, and back-office expenses such as copying and printing music, flyers, programs and other orchestra materials. Tuition is set by the Castro Valley Career and Adult Education School.

The Castro Valley Orchestra Association wants those qualified and interested in playing with the orchestra to do so regardless of one’s ability to pay the school’s tuition.  To this end, several generous orchestra members and supporters have donated funds for those who would like to play with the orchestra but otherwise unable to do so because of financial limitations.

The Association Board grants a limited number or scholarships from 2 categories for:

Option A: 50% Scholarship: The Association will pay up to 50% of your quarterly tuition for those where school tuition would be a hardship.

Option B: 100% Scholarship: The Association will pay full tuition to key players in need or those who would experience severe financial hardship.

Requests are not automatic and are dependent on the approval of the Music Director and the Association Board of Directors. Tuition assistance is offered for the current quarter only, and is not automatically renewed for any subsequent quarters, or applicable to a previous quarter’s tuition.

Anyone receiving tuition assistance is encouraged to maintain good attendance for all rehearsals and performances, and contribute in some other way as well; such as volunteer time, room setup/cleanup, help at receptions, help with fundraising activities etc.   Some examples are:

  • Help to prepare and setup the post-concert reception in the theater’s Green Room
  • Provide food for post-concert receptions
  • Volunteer to host and manage a reception
  • Work with the board on various board marketing and fundraising activities
    • Arrange transportation from senior centers, retirement homes and other facilities to and from concerts.
    • Write and post articles on social media
    • Work on advertising campaigns, marketing activities and other audience-building activities
  • Organize an ensemble and perform at fundraising events
  • Get 20 friends and acquaintances to attend the concerts

There are many things you can do to help promote the orchestra and build our audience.  Be creative.

If you are unable to afford class tuition and want to play with us, you should send a request to with the request along with a brief explanation of your need. The board will consider  your request at the next meeting (approximately monthly) and respond  shortly after consideration.